Cleaning service is provided five nights a week, Monday through Friday by Red Coats. Carpets will be vacuumed, unobstructed surfaces dusted and trash will be emptied.

If trash that is to be disposed of is not in wastebaskets, then please inform the cleaning personnel by leaving a large note on such items marked TRASH / BASURA. Please DO NOT leave items that are not trash on top or near wastebaskets that might be misconstrued as garbage.

If you have special cleaning needs, such as carpet shampooing, then contact the Property Management office at 202.675.4750. Special cleaning services can be arranged at tenant expense.

If a small cleaning problem should arise during working hours, please contact the Property Management. Should you have any questions or comments regarding the cleaning services, please notify the building management’s office.

Our buildings are now 3M™ Clean & Protect Certified through our janitorial company, Red Coats, a partner of 3M™. The Meridian Group buildings are the first in the entire DMV area to achieve this certification. We remain committed to the health and well-being of our tenants, guests and community.

3M Clean and Protect

What is the 3M™ Clean & Protect Certified Badge Program?

The 3M™ Clean & Protect Certified Badge Program is a new comprehensive system for cleaning, monitoring and protection of our buildings. With the 3M™ Clean-Trace ATP Monitoring System, the porters can check the cleanliness of a given surface in real time and track the results overtime.

Components Include:

  • Enhanced Learning & Disinfecting Protocols
  • Cleaning Verification & Monitoring Systems
  • Online, Live Training & Resources

What training did our staff receive?

All of our full-time day porters have received extensive training through the 3M™ Cleaning Academy and passed an extensive 3-hour exam in order to gain the certification. In addition, our staff took a BSCAI COVID-19 Disinfection and Safety Course that covered proper cleaning & safety procedures and training on new products used in the buildings.

What does this mean for you?

This means you and your employees can come to work knowing extensive cleaning measures and practices are taking place to keep everyone safe and healthy.

For additional information on the 3M™ Clean & Protect Program, click here.

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